Faqir Muhammad Ali was born in Jhang, Punjab in a prominent Muslim family. His family belongs to a well known spiritual Darbar of Shah Sadiq Nihang (RA) and Faqir Muhammad Ali is the current Sajjada Nashin of the Darbar which dates back from 1100 Hijri.

The history of the shrine goes as follow:

The original name of Shah Sadiq Nehang (R.A.) is Syed Muhammed Bukhari son of Syed Nasir-ud-Din Mahmood (R.A.) popular as Makhdoom Syed Jahania Jahangusht, from the linage of “Soharwardia” Pir Syed Shah Jalal-ud-Din Qutab Kamal “Surkh-Posh” (Red- Claded) Bukhari. It was the beginning of the downfall of Mughal Empire that Shiekh Saleem Sadhar Qalander became popular in Sindh. Saints started gathering at the shrine, SyedMuhmmad Bukhari also joined. During these days the “langar-khanan” of the shrine had shortage of food, due to draught. Qalandar came out of his “chillagah” (the shrine) and announced that now he will sacrifice one saint daily. Hazrat Syed Muhammed presented himself for the sacrifice, while the others fled. It was then that Qalandar took Syed Muhammed Bukhari inside and bestowed upon him the title of ”SadiqNehang” (the true ) due to his firm faith. He was given the “knowledge of Spirituality”. He was asked to preach good & Humanity and stand fast against the evil along the eastern bank of river Chenab. It was the last era of Shah Jehan that Shah Sadiq Nehang wore the Qalanderi cloak and embarked upon the mission of spreading Islam. Heuse to wear a black “Ahram” (cloth) with bare right shoulder. He used the tools of Good character & kindness for preaching. Within a short span of time a large number of people including Hindus & Sikhs, from Sindh & Punjab, came into the circle of spirituality. His kind words use to melt hearts and due to this large number of people came to the right path of Islam. House to take” bayt” (Oath of Submission) from his disciple by taking their hand in his hand. Every disciple was given a “Kashkool” (special bowl) & an “Ahram” (cloth) and was asked to beg in order to suppress the “Nasaf-I Amara” (inner conscious).The disciples were advised to stay away from the moral evils &follow the “Sharia-i-Muhammedia” (Muhammed an law). He himself was a man of character and “Tareeqat” (a Sufi discipline). The saint decided to settle near Shorkot, the area became popular as “Shah SadiqNehang”. He left this world in 1181 Hijri at the same place. The “Machas” (beacons) of Shah Sadiq Nehang are still present in Kohi Nehang near Tolamba, Multan, Mirik Sial Jhang, Khankah Dogra Sargodha, Nehang Pindi Battian, Kallian wali, Ditch Kot etc. Sword, “Assa” (Stick), Iron-fish and several “Alm” (flags) with Quranic verses and Hadees engraved on them are preserved in the shrine. The “Urs” is held between 5 and 7 “Maghar” (Local Calendar) every year. The Shrine, Mosque and attached building are glorious example of Mughal architecture engraved with beautiful calligraphy and artwork.

Following are the “Sajjada Nasheen” (Custodian) of Shah Sadiq Nehang. (Chronologically)

1. Qutab Shah 2. Faqir Muhammed Rashid 3. Faqir Dogar Malang 4. Mian Ranjha 5. Mian Nusrat Shah 6. Faqir Mian Kochak 7. Faqir Haider Shah 8. Faqir Mian Muhammed Ali 9. Mian Muhammed Pannah 10. Mian Nusrat Ali 11. Faqir Muhammed Rashid 12. Faqir Muhammad Kurshid 13. Faqir Anwar Sajjad

14. Faqir Muhammad M Ali

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